Wilds Watches - Shipping and Policies

When will my order arrive?

To the United States: Free USPS Standard Shipping, watches already in the United States. Arrive in 2-5 Business Days.

To Australia: Free Australia Post, watches already in Australia. Arrive in 1-5 Business Days.

To the United Kingdom, All EU countries: Free shipping, watches already in local warehouses, will use local post service. Arrive in 5 business days.

To New Zealand: Free shipping. Watches will send from Australia. Arrive in 5-10 business days.

To other countries: Free Shipping. Send from different warehouse depending watches. It is expected to arrive within 1-5 weeks.

We do apologize that shipment delay may occur if the shipment requires Customs clearance or inspection, or transportation delay caused by courier service. 

Does a warranty cover my wooden watch?

Wilds watches are under a 12-month limited warranty, which covers any defects at the time of purchase. To maintain this limited warranty, proper operation, and maintenance, according to the instructions, is necessary. For details of our warranty policy, please refer to the warranty policy statements in the product package. Register your watch for warranty here.

When will my order be processed?

We have warehouses all over the world, so all orders are handled and shipped according to the customer's address nearby.

Orders will process within 24 hours, and all orders are shipped out within 5 working days.

A shipping confirmation is emailed to you as soon as your purchase has been ship, which will allow you to track the status of your shipment. Shipping costs are dependent upon the weight of the package and delivery location.  Customers are responsible for customs duties and taxes for all International orders.

What about skin allergies?

Our watches are made from 100% natural wood with stainless steel clasps. We do not use any toxic chemicals to treat the wood, as we aim to maintain the purity of nature. However, there may be a possibility that some people may have an allergic reaction to the wood or metal clasps. In the first few weeks of wearing the watch, it is recommended that you check your skin for any discomfort, rash, or itch. In the rare case that you experience an allergic reaction, please stop wearing the watch immediately and ask for medical advice from your doctor. We cannot offer refunds on watches based on allergies.

Disclaimer: Wilds Wood Watches cannot guarantee against allergic reactions. We are not responsible for allergies, injuries, or medical expenses as a result of wearing our product.

Can I replace the battery?

Wilds wood watches are either quartz battery powered or automatic winding. For battery-operated watches, most jewelry or watch shops can provide battery replacement service. Wilds does not offer battery replacement services.

Are there color differences between website photos and the actual watch?

Due to seasonal reasons, the color of the watches shown on our website may be slightly different than the actual products. Customers are asked to acknowledge this difference when purchasing online.

What are your business hours?

7 days a week.

Watches Ship From The USA or AU or EU.  Fast Delivery Guaranteed!

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